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Steven Hay
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Meet the team

Smalltown Computers is a personal computer business that specializes in repair and service, based on our
“professional service @ family pricing” principle.

I believe it is very important to keep prices low and fair so people can repair their PC's without breaking the bank.
Our ability to service and repair computers at prices that are below our competitors is one of the ways our business is unique. We also provide in home service, allowing us to go to our customers rather than making them come to us.

Customer service is vitual to us and I know if our customers are not happy they will go somewhere else. Therefore, it is my goal to make them happy and give them the extra treatment they deserve so they will want to call us again when necessary for repairs or service.

I would like to thank you, the customer for allowing me to work on your computer equipment, and for the relationships  that are continually being built.
Steven Hay:
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